Bao Viet Securities was honored as Outstanding M&A advisory firm in the period 2009-2023


On the afternoon of November 28, 2023, Vietnam M&A Forum 2023 jointly organized by Investment Newspaper and AVM Vietnam under the direction and sponsorship of the Ministry of Planning and Investment took place at GEM Center Conference Center, Ho Chi Minh City. This is an annual event that brings together more than 500 attendees who are policymakers, reputable experts, and leaders of leading domestic and international businesses.

In recent years, Vietnam has successfully attracted investment from many different Asian markets, such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China... Although Vietnam's M&A market scale is not yet large but will continue to enhance its appeal thanks to the prospect of becoming a regional manufacturing hub, promising a consumer market with a growing middle-class population. With the theme of Joining hands for prosperity, Vietnam M&A Forum 2023 has created an opportunity to connect and share new perspectives and unfinished deals; the seller's opportunities for survival and further development; and the level of prosperity that can be achieved if we do not decide to join hands.

M&A Forum is the largest annual event in Vietnam on business mergers and acquisitions. In particular, this year's event marked 15 years of operation of the forum, honoring 15 outstanding consultants over the past 15 years such as Vietcap, SSI, YKVN, PwC, KPMG.... and especially BVSC was voted as “Outstanding M&A advisory firm in the period 2009-2023”. This is a well-deserved recognition for BVSC's consulting capacity demonstrated over the past 15 years through deals resonating in the market.

Mr. Nhu Dinh Hoa (fourth from left) - CEO of Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company received the award

Bao Viet Securities 'connects' business & investment opportunities with market understanding, deep expertise and professionalism

As the oldest securities company on Vietnam's stock market, BVSC always strives to create new values, aiming to create sustainable values for stakeholders. Possessing a team of experienced consultants, well-trained and highly qualified, committed and experienced through the ups and downs of the stock market, therefore understanding the market is a key factor. An advantage for BVSC to always be confident and respond flexibly to market developments. BVSC's M&A consulting product set is rich in mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring...

BVSC has successfully advised on IPOs and divestments for hundreds of large enterprises, exploiting products from private enterprises with good brands and fundamental foundations, thereby creating a supply source for investors who wish to take over. dominate the market and own businesses... One of the typical deals that BVSC has successfully implemented and made a mark on the Vietnamese capital market is the deal to divest state capital at the Beer - Alcohol - Joint Stock Corporation. Saigon Beverage (Sabeco) for investor ThaiBev Holding. This is a quite complex M&A transaction with many parameters, requiring a high level of expertise, a deep understanding of legal regulations,  the value of the deal is very large, up to more than 5 billion USD... Besides, are a series of other typical deals such as the divestment deal of the State Capital Investment and Business Corporation at Vinaconex Corporation with a value of nearly 7,500 billion VND, other typical deals such as the Merger of Joint Stock Company Vinpearl Da Nang, Vinpeal Hoi An Joint Stock Company and Vincharm Development and Services Joint Stock Company into Vinpearl Joint Stock Company (VPL); Merging Northern Kinh Do Food Processing Joint Stock Company and Ki Do Joint Stock Company into Kinh Do Joint Stock Company; Bao Viet Group's private share issuance project (HOSE: BVH) to strategic investors....


Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company (BVSC) is a leading and reputable securities company in the Vietnamese stock market, specializing in providing professional financial and investment services to all institutional investors. Organizations and individuals, reputable funds and investment banks at home and abroad. Established in 1999 with the founding shareholder being Vietnam Insurance Corporation (now Bao Viet Group), directly under the Ministry of Finance, BVSC inherits the prestigious brand and financial strength of a Group. Powerful insurance finance.

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