For 6 consecutive years, BVSC achieve Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam 2023 🏆


December 13, 2023, organized by VBCSD in coordination with the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and Central Economic Committee, CSI 2023 Program officially announced the Top 100 Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam. For the sixth consecutive time in 8 consecutive seasons, Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company (BVSC) was praised for its corporate governance efforts in implementing responsibilities in 3 aspects: economic - social - environmental.

With the constant change of the global economy, 'green competition' becomes a trend and prerequisite for business success in the new decade. Many challenges are posed, requiring businesses to flexibly respond to social and environmental factors and harmonize with economic growth strategies. After nearly 7 months of hard work, the CSI 2023 Program Review Council has impartially and carefully selected businesses that maintain the best sustainable development strategies from hundreds of companies registered to participate. In addition to evaluating and announcing 100 sustainable businesses, the CSI 2023 program also develops award categories to praise businesses with good achievements in promoting the implementation of circular economic models and responding to climate change, women's empowerment, and gender equality in the workplace.

In 2023, the CSI Index will also be completely updated in structure, divided into 07 parts instead of 03 parts in the old version, of which 63% are compliance indicators and 37% are advanced indicators. Accordingly, ensuring maintenance and compliance with legal requirements is the advantage of businesses when reviewing the sustainable development foundation for the 3 years from 2020 - 2022. Indicators deeply integrated with the Law on Security Environmental Protection 2020, Labor - Society, and explanation of Environmental - Social - Governance (ESG) Report are also added, to raise awareness and response capacity of businesses in the new context. This makes the CSI 2023 Index voting for the Top 100 Sustainable Development Enterprises more and more diverse and rigorous, to ensure the integration of business activities with global flows; and the connection between the development goals of the business, the needs of consumers, and investors.

On December 13, 2023, the 100 leading businesses implementing innovation in business - social - environmental activities were officially honored at the Announcement Ceremony of Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam 2023 held in KS Sheraton, Hanoi. After 8 years of implementing the Program, this is the 6th consecutive time Bao Viet Securities has been awarded the Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam 2023 award. This is the result of the process of maintaining operational capacity and joining hands with the community. The business community promotes sustainable development in Vietnam, recognized by appraisers and reflected in this year's ranking results. BVSC is proud to be one of the typical businesses with creative business initiatives, targeting customers, investors, and the social community.

Mr. Vu Duy Vuong – Company’s Secretary cum Company Administrator representing Bao Viet Securities received the award

Although doing business in a field that does not directly impact the environment, within the scope of its operations, BVSC strives to integrate green action programs to raise awareness and responsibility of each employee towards environmental protection. the transfer of sustainable values to future generations.

For managers and staff, the personnel structure has diversity in age, ethnicity, equal opportunities in terms of gender and male-female ratio to create conditions for each individual to promote. advantages and capabilities for the overall development of the company. In addition to ensuring the efficiency of economic activities, BVSC still complies with social insurance contributions for employees and maintains a superior insurance benefit package to improve quality of life and financial peace of mind. for all employees. At the same time, the company also promotes recruitment and training of young personnel to build a future successor team through the Next Gen 2023 program in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City. Recently, Bao Viet Securities received the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam 2023 award organized by Anphabe for its efforts in sustainable development and investment in building a happy working environment. Strong human resources are always the core foundation for BVSC to reach business goals and overcome all challenges of unpredictable market fluctuations.

Originating from the spirit of "mutual affection" and the desire to build a good society, BVSC has been realized into meaningful gratitude activities such as the 'Return to the Source 2023' program, visits, and gift giving. sick soldiers, relatives of martyrs, and people with meritorious services to the revolution at the Center for Nursing and Care of People with Meritorious Service in Hue City; or the program 'Sharing love, a warm Spring' in Soc Trang province and 'Kind hearts' at Tinh That Hanh Phap Duong - Go Vap District to give food to poor households and near households. poor, policy families in the area. More specifically, after a decade of persistence with the charity project 'Bringing warmth to the highlands', in 2023 BVSC chooses to focus on sanitation & water sources for children in the highlands, through the construction of NVS & clean water pipelines for schools in Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province, giving gifts, learning equipment and coordinating with Hanoi Heart Hospital to provide a medical examination and treatment to more than 1,230 students and poor people, thereby developing Currently, 12 children have cardiovascular disease or are prescribed early surgical intervention.

Over the past 6 years, the Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in 2023 award has been an affirmation of Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company's ability to respond and correct direction in business, social and environmental aspects. Encouragement from state management agencies is the motivation for BVSC to continue striving for future goals and more meaningful projects in the future.