Trading platform for privately-placed corporate bonds goes live


Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) and Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) completed the construction of a privately-placed corporate bond depository and trading system to meet regulations dictated in Decree No. 153/2020/ND-CP and Decree 65/2022/ND-CP. The depository and trading system officially came into operation on July 19th, 2023, with all the Circulars and Regulations guiding implementation as a way to standardize the separate bond trading market, ensuring fairness and creating a convenient basis for purchase, sale, transactions, and exercising rights for this type of bond investment. 

Through a period of research and implementation, BVSC is honored to be one of the first few securities companies to participate in the privately-placed corporate bond trading market. Convenient transaction methods, and rapid 24/7 payment to sub-accounts... are the advantages that the system brings to BVSC’s investors. 

More diverse trading channels, additional information 

Previously, it was difficult for investors to find information about the buying and selling demand of separate corporate bonds and methods of transaction. With the new system, there is now a centralized market for transactions between buyers and sellers, with supervisory regulatory agencies to ensure transparency and safety. With the opening of the privately-placed corporate bond trading system, bondholders and those who want to buy can "meet", make transactions and payments more easily. BVSC is a trading member and a depository member, helping customers to place orders at the Stock Exchange, make clearing payments, and exercise rights on the privately-placed corporate bond sub-accounts conveniently. 

With the privately-placed corporate bond trading system, investors can now easily access a new investment channel with more than 1,300 bond tickers expected to be included in trading. This also contributes to increasing market liquidity, creating conditions for the primary market of privately-placed corporate bonds to develop more sustainably. 

Trade conveniently and quickly with Bao Viet Securities: please contact BVSC's transaction offices nationwide or contact the hotline: 1900 1018.